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Free Carrying Strap with Tree Stand Video Pod

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For Conventional Taxidermy mounts, a $100 deposit is due at the time of order. The balance is due on delivery. For Pet Preservation 50% is due for a deposit with the remainder due at pick-up/delivery. Use the Contact Us page to get more information or to setup an appointment.

Tree Stand Video Pod

Our newest product, the Tree Stand Video Pod takes the hassle out of making video of your hunting experience. More information is available at the official Tree Stand Video Pod page: [click here]

Video Pod Accessories: Steel Foot Plate

The steel foot plate accessory for the video pod allows easier mounting to your tree stand.

Conventional Taxidermy

Whitetail Deer Shoulder Mount


Horn Mount (Whitetail Deer)


European Mount


Fox Squirrel


Fox - Red or Gray






Mule Deer






Turkey Fan


Ducks or Pheasant




Largemouth Bass


Striped Bass

Use the quantity to enter the size of the fish.

$13.00 per inch

Bass Replica

$275.00 5-12 lbs

Blue Gill Replica


Crappie Replica


Dry Tan Hides

1/2 - $175.00 Whole - $200.00

Pet Preservation


0-10 lbs $800.00
per lb over $50.00


0-10 lbs $800.00
per lb over $50.00


Small $300.00
Medium $400.00
Large $500.00

Turkey Heads

Freeze-dry only $40.00
Freeze-dry & Paint $60.00

Velvet Horns (Whitetail Deer)



Black, Fox & Grey $125.00
Red & Flying $115.00
Chipmunk $100.00


Hampster & Gerbil $60.00
Guinea Pig $90.00
Mice $55.00
Rat $95.00


Snake 3.35 per inch
Lizard & Iguana 5.75 per inch
Aligator Heads $250.00